How to save pictures from Pinterest

how to save pictures from Pinterest

In this blog, we are going to share the extract method. How to save pictures from Pinterest, so many people use Pinterest, and yet it is one of the least talked about social platforms built around photos. Pinterest helps you discover creative ideas whether you are looking for a recipe, codes, accessories, or clothes.

Pinterest has it all. If you discover something interesting you can save it on one of your boards from where you can reach them later. Pinterest has features that you can create boards and save pictures virtually, these boards are available only inside the Pinterest website or the app and they do not work offline.

But if you want to see those posts, images offline. you can download them by using our tool. and with help of this tool, you can download images to your device both for desktop and mobile. Follow the below step.

How to save pictures from Pinterest?

Here we are going to share easy process step by step how to download images from Pinterest.

Step 1: Open the Pinterest app or website and sign in to Pinterest with your mail id or mobile, if you already have Pinterest then navigate to the image that you want to download then right-click and copy the URL of that image. Go to the next step:

Step 2: Open the tool you will see the empty box in that box paste the URL that you copied from the Pinterest picture. Simply hit the download button.

Step 3: Once click on the download image button. there is a download jpg button click on that you will see the same image on your device, you can watch it offline. if you want to download another image, besides the download button there is a button to try another click on that and download the images as much as you want.

This tool is easy to use, anyone can download the images from Pinterest by following the above steps. We try to make your life easier. You can use it to download multiple images with help of this tool without any issues. You can watch them offline and share them with your friends, family.

Feel free to use this tool, have fun. If you have any doubt mention in the comment, definitely we will help you with that. Do like and share with friends and family.

How to download Instagram reels video

How to download Instagram reels video

Instagram is more popular for reels and most of the users are active on this platform. Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications. Millions of people show their talent and sharing their knowledge on Instagram via uploading reels every day. As a viewer, while watching these reels we like a few of them and if the reels are useful and knowledgeable so we want to share those reels with the friends & families or just download them to watch them later.

Instagram gives an option to save the reels but can’t watch them offline. Also if someone is not on Instagram so download the reels offline and share with them. This tool has a feature that we can download Instagram reels videos easily.

Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow to download of the reels on any device, T his tool will help you to download the reels on your computer & mobile. So you can easily download them with sounds and you can access them later while you’re offline. By Following the steps:

How to download Instagram reels video?

You can easily download reels video from Instagram for free & save on a computer or mobile. There are simple steps in which you can be done this. 

Step 1:  You need to login on to Instagram by entering your mail id or contact number and generate the password for those who doesn’t have an account on Instagram, if you have an Instagram account then open and go to the reels video option, play the reels video which you like most and copy the URL of that video. 

Step 2: Open the Instagram image or video downloader, there is one empty box you have to paste that URL which you copied from Instagram. And follow the next step.

Step 3: Click on the download video button, now your reels video or images downloading, once your reels video downloaded, you can share it with anyone also you can watch it offline. 

Why download Instagram reels?

For many reasons, you can download Instagram reels.

  • You can download any reels and watch them later. 
  • You can download and share with your friends & family.
  • When you use Instagram, you can over a lot of posts that you like most. And you can download it easily save it on your device. 

Not only videos you can download images also but make sure you can not use these reel videos or images for any commercial use without the permission of the original creator. 

This online tool will let you download reels. Anyone can download the reels and watch them later or share them with anyone.

Do share with your friends & family, and comment below if you any doubt regarding these steps. Feel free to use this tool.