How to embed a video in PowerPoint 

Don’t you dislike it when a friend disrupts a meeting with a boring Powerpoint presentation? While it’s simple to put together a Powerpoint presentation, you can’t deny that these dull slides do little to capture your audience’s interest. Happily, adding videos in PowerPoint presentations is a simple method to make them more interesting and enjoyable.

Videos in PowerPoint presentations can add uniqueness and visual interest to help you connect with your audience more effectively. Let’s look at How to embed a video in PowerPoint; it’s not difficult, but it can make a big difference. When we used to insert the link in ppt, it would automatically redirect to the other page when we delivered the presentation. It does not appear to be attractive. We’ve provided an easy method for adding video to your PowerPoint to improve the overall quality.

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How to embed a video in PowerPoint?

This method showed that PowerPoint has come a long way in terms of embedding video into presentations. PowerPoint allows you to embed a YouTube (or other video platforms) video directly from the website with just a few clicks.

Step 1: Open the PowerPoint presentation and select the slide where you want to insert the video. Then click the “INSERT” tab. It’s on the right side of the “HOME” tab. Now that you’ve selected the Insert tab, click the video icon on the toolbar ribbon to add a video. It should be on the far right of the toolbar.

Step 2: To insert a Youtube video into a PowerPoint click on the video you wish to use, and copy the video URL by clicking on the Share button. Paste the video URL in the PowerPoint address field. An insert button can be found at the bottom of the page. Click the Insert button to insert the video into the PowerPoint.

Step 3: Your video has now been embedded in the presentation; you may now view it in full-screen mode, adjust the volume, and resize it to fit your needs. And save the ppt by selecting the “File” option.

Step 4: Once you’ve completed the above steps, select the “Save As” option to save the file.

Last but not least:

Now that you’ve learned how to embed a video in PowerPoint, it’s time to finish up your preparations for a stunning presentation.

  • Test your visuals and audio before your presentation:  If you’re presenting a presentation at a new place, expect problems with the Audio/Visuals setup and think you’ll have trouble connecting to the internet.
  • Keeping it short is the best way:  When it comes to giving a presentation in front of an audience, smaller is better. Nobody wants to sit through a 10-minute video in the middle of a presentation. The best PowerPoint videos spark an audience’s interest while not dragging on to the point of boredom.
  • Be creative:  PowerPoint presentations can be boring, but adding video brings a whole new dynamic element and energy to your presentation. Allow your imagination to run wild as you generate ideas ways to brighten your PowerPoint.

You now have everything you need to embed a video into your presentation and stun your audience. We wish you the very best of luck.

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