How To Make A Video A Live Photo

Photos were just photos, and videos were just videos only a few years ago. The photography game completely revolutionized when Apple released Live Photos with the iPhone 6S series in 2015.

A Live Photo is a 1.5-second animation that captures not only the moment you press the camera button but also the moments before and after. By pressing a Live Photo, you will hear – and see – the complete version of the moment you captured.

Whether you want to start using Live Photos as a photographer or learn how to make a video a live photo, you’ll find it all in this blog.

One Benefit: Live Photos can be used as lock and home screen backgrounds on iPhones and Live wallpaper can be used as lock and home screen backgrounds on Android devices. This means you can use a moveable photo to improve the look of your favorite devices.

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How to make a video a live photo on iPhone & iPad?

By default, iOS devices lack the ability to convert a video into a live photo, but third-party apps can help us do so.

To convert a video into a Live picture, we’ll use the IntoLive app for iPhone. Following these steps will take you to conclusions.

Step 1: Search for IntoLive in the iOS app store and install it on your device.

Step 2: Open the IntoLive app and give them access.

Step 3: Select the video you want to turn into a Live photo.

Step 4: Using the app, you may clip, rotate, and apply color correction to the video.

Step 5: Select No repeat from the drop-down menu. (The repeat live photo feature is a paid option that you can use.)

Step 6: Once the conversion is complete, tap the save Live Photo option at the bottom.

A video has been converted into a live photo by the app. You can now open the photo gallery and make the Live photo your device or lock screen wallpaper.

Follow the above-outlined steps.

How to make a video a live photo on Android?

Live Photos are commonly referred to as “Live Wallpaper” on Android devices. This is due to the fact that they can only be used as wallpapers and can not be viewed in the Photos app or sent via text message.

Turning a video on an Android into a live photo is just as simple as it’s on an iPhone.

  1. TurnLive-Live Wallpaper app can be downloaded from Google Play Store. It’s free of charge but you can pay for premium features in the app too.

  2. Once you launch TurnLive, accept the terms and conditions, tap the Live Photo icon in the bottom-middle of the screen (it appears as three circles).

  3. Tap the Video to Live Wallpaper option on the page that appears. You’ll need to allow the app access to your camera and photos.

4. All of the videos saved on your device will be displayed to you. Tap the one you want to convert to a Live Photo, then tap Done in the top-right corner. You can choose any video, but your Live Photo can only be five seconds long.

5. After the video has loaded, you will be asked which frame of the video you want to use as a “cover.” Pick one and then tap Next.

Select the part of the video you’d want to turn into a Live Photo using the slider in the middle of the page. This slider can be tricky; you may have to tap the edges of the selector multiple times to drag them, and if you want to move it to a different part of the video, you’ll have to slowly move both edges to that point.

7. When you’re done, tap Next in the top-right corner and choose how many times you want it to repeat. Any of the options here will work.

8. You’ll be taken back to the main page of the app, where your new Live Photo will be processed. When it’s finished, you’ll find it under My Wallpapers.

9. Then tap the download icon next to your new Live Photo. If you wish to clear your current wallpaper, tap Clear, then give the app permission to update system settings, then return to the Download icon and tap Clear again.

10. There will be a black screen with the words “DayTime LWP” written on it. Choose whether you want the wallpaper to view only on your home screen or on both your home and lock screens by tapping Set wallpaper.

When you exit the app, your new Live Photo will be set as the background.

We hope you’ll find an answer to all your questions regarding converting videos to live photos by using your favorite videos as a live wallpaper for your iPhone. If you have queries about Live Photos converting to video or GIFs, leave a comment below. Share this blog with your friends and family.