Youtube Video Downloader helps you to download any Youtube video quickly Youtube Online Video Downloader below:

Youtube Video Downloader

Youtube is a popular video hosting site that has millions of hours of video content to view. The site offers video content including educational videos, music & gaming videos,  TV clips and entertainment videos.

With such a great library of videos available for you to consume, you might need some videos for your personal use like viewing your favourite shows or content creators videos offline without facing buffer. You might also wish to download videos to share them offline or modify them.

Some use Youtube for videos and some for listening to music and podcasts and other audio options. To help you download a video you can use Keepfbvid Youtube Video Downloader.

What is Keepfbvid Youtube Video Downloader?

Keepfbvid video downloader is an online tool that can download videos from your favourite creators and sites for free. With easy to use tools and no requirement of any personal details like email, etc we make it easier for you to consume online youtube videos offline.

Our video downloader can assist you to download high-resolution videos securely. Any video that is public and not protected can be downloaded instantly.

All you need to do is open a browser, go to a web address, copy the link to download, and it will begin the download. You can use it an unlimited number of times, which is one of its best features. There is no risk of personal information being stolen when using this service to download videos. No information about you is required.

How to Download Youtube Videos for free?

Downloading Youtube videos has never been easier. Let’s show you how you can save Youtube videos offline instantly.

Step 1: First open the Youtube app or website, and search for the video you would like to download. If you already know which video to download, open the same.

Step 2: Now open the video and copy the video link from the URL bar, or click on the share button and select the Copy Link option. Youtube video link looks like this:


Step 3: Paste the video link in the above textbox, and hit the Download button.

Step 4: Lastly select the resolution of your choice and click on the Download button. The tool will then show you the video preview, once you like the resolution you can save it by pressing the keyboard shortcut “CTRL+S” on Windows and “CMD+S”.

Why choose Keepfbvid Video Downloader?

Keepfbvid video Downloader has many benefits for you. Here are a few reasons why you should consider it:

  • Free to use: Yes! You heard it right all the tools from Keepfbvid are free of cost to use for any purpose be it personal or commercial.
  • Compatible with any Operating System: You can download Youtube videos from any operating System like Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, or iOS. All you need is a stable Internet and a browser.
  • Different Resolution options: We offer download options in different resolutions. You can download videos in high resolutions up to (1080p).
  • No storage required: Unlike other tools, you do not need to download or install any software or plugins. Use this cloud-based tool without having to give up extra storage space.
  • Many more Downloading options: Keepfbvid not only offers Youtube video downloading options, but also other sites like Facebook, VK, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest. You get all your favourite sites in a single place.